Brown|RISD Dual Degree Joint Committee

A Joint Committee, comprised of approximately ten faculty and administrators from both Brown and RISD and two BRDD student representatives, oversees the operation of the Dual Degree Program.  The Joint Committee meets monthly and committee members consider the overall student experience in the Program, identify needs and make appropriate adjustments to policies and procedures as determined, and liaise with the various administrative offices of both institutions to ensure the smooth running of the Program.

  • photo of Michele Zager

    Michele Zager

    Associate Director and Academic Advisor

    (401) 863-9836

  • photo of Daniel Cavicchi

    Daniel Cavicchi

    RISD Vice Provost, Dual Degree RISD Co-Chair

  • photo of Besenia Rodriguez

    Besenia Rodriguez

    Brown, Deputy Dean of the College for Curriculum & Co-Curriculum, Dual Degree Brown Co-Chair

    (401) 863-3488

  • photo of Hanna Exel

    Hanna Exel

    Curricular & Co-Curricular Program Coordinator