New Students

Congratulations to the Brown|RISD Dual Degree Class of 2028!

We are excited to have you join us on College Hill!

Brown|RISD Dual Degree first-year students must pay particular attention to both campuses summer deadlines and reminders in preparation for the fall.  BRDD students will receive a checklist and weekly reminders from the BRDD Program to assist in getting ready for their arrival!

Dual Degree first-year students attend a special BRDD Orientation and prioritize RISD Orientation events in their first year.  BRDD first-year students attend specific events as part of Brown Orientation and are invited to participate in first-year group activities at Brown during Orientation and throughout the year. BRDD first-years are also invited to participate in many of the pre-orientation programs offered by Brown and RISD.  Students entering their second year in the BRDD Program return to Brown with the incoming first-year class to take advantage of and more fully participate in Brown Orientation programs.

RISD Orientation

Check for information about RISD Orientation. You will receive RISD "Countdown" emails every few weeks that are helpful to keep track of upcoming deadlines and to introduce you to various communities at RISD.

Brown Orientation

Brown's orientation website serves as the main information portal for new students at Brown. Accepted students are invited to join the Bruno Beginnings portal to begin connecting with current and new students along with faculty and staff at Brown. 

Know that there is a checklist on the Brown Orientation site and copies of weekly emails.  BRDD students will receive a separate checklist and separate weekly emails to make sure you are getting the information that is relevant to you as a BRDD student to prepare for both Brown and RISD! 



Students at Brown Convocation