Events and Programs

Brown|RISD Dual Degree students are able to fully access resources, programs, and events on both the Brown and RISD campuses. Additionally, the Dual Degree Program programs different events throughout the year. These are informed by student interest and need. Students, alumni, and faculty or staff working with Dual Degree students are encouraged to share ideas for new programming with program staff. Below are examples of past BRDD events and Program traditions.

Annual All Cohort Gathering at Tillinghast Place

An annual BRDD Program tradition, this informal gathering early in September, is an opportunity for Dual Degree students to welcome in the new cohort and connect across all class years. This relaxed afternoon at RISD’s bay front beach property is a time for swimming, conversations, games, sketching, etc.

Monthly Brunches

Monthly brunches are a tradition of coming together informally to talk about shared experiences, catch up with friends, and make new connections over a meal. A small group of students collaborate to prepare a home-cooked brunch together and by 11am, the community comes together to eat!

Night in the Museum

BRDD Fourth and Fifth Year students and their advisors and mentors from both Brown and RISD come together in the RISD Museum to connect. The group gathers to bridge our institutions, bolster previous relationships, and form new ones. After a reception, RISD Museum Educators lead the group in a close looking exercise for a selected work of art. The diversity in our fields of study and perspectives and that the variation in our different backgrounds contribute to the richness of our discussions.  

Joint Presentations Across Campus Offices

BRDD students make use of campus offices and resources at both Brown and RISD. At times, our programming brings the corresponding Brown and RISD offices together to present together, highlighting the range of resources, opportunities, and choices. Examples of these cross-campus presentations have included those by our offices that address:

  • Career Services
  • Study Abroad
  • Fellowship Opportunities

Opportunities to Connect with BRDD Alumni

Alumni have been invited to connect with each other and with current students on alumni weekends and through online conversations and panels. Most recently, a group of five alumni pursuing advanced degrees shared their experience with students and other alumni who tuned in.