Student Degree Combinations

Examples of Degree Combinations

The chart below reflects data from Spring 2021, when 42 of the current BRDD students were dually declared. As of Spring 2021, Illustration (12), Painting (8), and Industrial Design (7) were the most popular RISD majors among these cohorts. At Brown, Literary Arts (8), Modern Culture and Media (6), and Computer Science (5) were among the most popular concentrations.

RISD Major

Brown Concentrations

Apparel (2) Engineering
International Relations
Ceramics (1) Environmental Science (ScB)
Film/Animation/Video (3) Computer Science
Literary Arts
Furniture Design (2) Engineering & Physics (ScB)
Visual Art
Graphic Design (3) Chemical Physics (ScB)
Modern Culture & Media
Illustration (12) Anthropology
Biology (2)
Computer Science (3)
Literary Arts (4)
Modern Culture & Media
Modern Culture & Media, Literary Arts
Industrial Design (7) Behavioral Decision Sciences
Computer Science
Independent Concentration
Mechanical Engineering (ScB) (2)
Science, Technology, and Society
Interior Architecture (1) Cognitive Neuroscience, Urban Studies
Painting (8) Archeology & Ancient World
Early Modern World
Ethnic Studies (2)
Modern Culture and Media (3)
Printmaking (1) Literary Arts
Textiles (2) Comparative Literature
Literary Arts