BRDD Capstone Requirement

Currently, the Capstone requirement consists of giving a Capstone presentation at the end of the Fifth Year, in which students have the opportunity to reflect upon the whole of their experience as students at both Brown and RISD. In keeping with the original program goal to draw on the complementary strengths of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to provide students with a range of opportunities to develop and integrate academic and artistic work, the Capstone requires BRDD students to complete a final project, by the end of their fifth year, relating (integrating, correlating) in some way, some aspect (content, approach, methods) of what they have learned in their studio courses, on the one hand, with some aspect of their liberal studies, on the other. An obvious way for a student to do this will be to interrelate some aspect of their Brown concentration and RISD major, but this is not necessary.