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Sherente Mishitashin Harris (BRDD 2023) Highlighted in Boston Globe

In the Boston Globe's Rhode Island Report, Sherente Mishitashin Harris (BRDD 2023, Painting, Ethnic Studies) reads an excerpt from her novel The Tradition Keeper and discusses Being Thunder, a documentary that covers her fancy shawl dancing.

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Spotlight on Work by Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017) in the New Orleans Museum of Art

Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017, Furniture Design, Geology-Biology)'s Ghostwood Chair and Table is currently on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art. In a museum collection spotlight on, curator Mel Buchanan describes Lin as a "powerful new voice in contemporary design known for conceptual and well-crafted objects."

Dorner Prize-Winning "Fountain" by Njari Anderson (BRDD 2024) On View at RISD Museum

Njari Anderson (BRDD 2024, Sculpture, Modern Culture and Media) is the 2022 recipient of the Dorner Prize, an annual juried competition organized by the RISD Museum. Made of iron-infused plastic filament, Anderson's Fountain is "a vessel of my memories growing up subjected to and surrounded by hunger in the Caribbean and the US," Anderson writes. "Fountain engages with care from the recipient's perspective.”

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"Missing Button" Project by Glory Lee (BRDD 2024) Launches at Brown Bookstore

Combining her passion in entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion, Glory (SeungHee) Lee (BRDD 2024, Apparel, Economics) founded Missing Button, a creative studio that "partners with university stores to promote sustainable practices by upcycling unsold overstock into unique and timeless spirit-wear designs." The Missing Button x Brown Bookstore Collection launched at the Brown Bookstore this fall. Missing Button garments are also available at the RISD Store.

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Seabass Immonen and Laney Day (BRDD 2023) Collaborate in "Queer Rage" Fashion Collection

For Seabass Immonen (BRDD 2023, International Relations, Apparel Design), creating apparel is a highly collaborative activist project. Immonen's "Queer Rage" clothing collection is highlighted in the Brown Daily Herald. For one of the pieces in the collection Immonen worked with fellow dual degree student Laney Day (BRDD 2023, Painting, Ethnic Studies), to create a piece that channels their rage towards settler colonialism and represents the "intersection of Day’s two-spirit identity and Ojibwe and Cree nationalities."

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Class of 2022 Capstone Presentations

Brown|RISD Dual Degree's fourteen 2022 graduates delivered capstone presentations in the Granoff Center's Martinos Auditorium on May 31 and June 1, 2022. Covering the second day of the presentations, an article in RISD News highlights the presentations by Natalya J. Ho (BRDD 20222, Graphic Design, Modern Culture & Media), Caroline Dai (BRDD 2022, Illustration, Biology), Jake Ruggiero (BRDD 2022, Illustration, Biology), Kira DuBose (BRDD 2022, Film/Animation/Video, Psychology), Monika Hedman (BRDD 2022, Illustration, Computer Science), Joanne Han (BRDD 2022, Illustration, Computer Science), and Allison Yeh (BRDD 2022, Film/Animation/Video, Computer Science).

Isabel Sicat (BRDD 2016)'s Fashion Brand Toqa Featured in Vogue

Toqa - co-founded by Isabel Sicat (BRDD 2016, Illustration, Political Science) and Ailala Rickard (RISD 2017, Apparel Design) - is one of the "six Filipino brands reenvisioning Philippine fashion in the face of a rapidly changing planet" that are profiled in a recent Vogue article. Created with deadstock fabrics and low-waste original textiles, Toqa's garments "[reflect] the breadth and depth of the stories, people, and places [that Sicat and Rickard] grew up experiencing” in the tropics.

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Yukti Agarwal (BRDD 2024) Receives SPUR Funding to Research Kashmiri Shawls

Yukti Agarwal (BRDD 2024, Contemplative Studies, Textiles) has received a Student Provisional Ubiquity Research (SPUR) grant from RISD Research to deepen understanding of the materials and processes behind RISD Museum’s collection of traditional Kashmiri shawls. "My research worldview ... prioritizes the women who created these pieces and are usually placed in the shadows,” says Agarwal.

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New York Times Highlights MSCHF's New Sneaker Collection

Creative collective MSCHF's chief creative officers Lukas Bentel (2015, Multimedia Electronic Music Experiments, Furniture Design) and Kevin Wiesner (2015, Engineering, Industrial Design) - along with their co-founder Daniel Greenberg - are interviewed in the New York Times about their new MSCHF Sneakers collection.

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Jiaju Ma (BRDD 2021.5) Named a Finalist for Computing Research Association Award

Jiaju Ma (BRDD 2021.5, Industrial Design, Computer Science) was named a finalist for the Computing Research Association (CRA)'s 2022 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, which "recognizes undergraduate students ... who show outstanding research potential in an area of computing research."

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