How do current students balance the workload of studying both at Brown and RISD?  Do they have free time and time to be involved socially and with co-curriculars?

Each student in the Dual Degree Program manages the balance of coursework and prioritizes co-curricular and social involvement differently.  Sometimes it takes students a few semesters to determine whether there is specific combination of coursework that works best with their learning style.  For example, some recognize that it is best for them to distribute the type of demands their courses require in a certain way, whether that be limiting the number of reading/writing heavy courses they take per semester, considering the number of credits they are taking during the semester when their is a particular co-curricular demand, or even in some cases, finding a way to alternate in how they prioritize coursework at one institution or the other.   There is not a prescribed way of moving through the Program.

Our students are active and involved on our campuses.  We have students who illustrate for multiple campus publications, TA courses, lead large annual conferences, conduct research, volunteer, are involved in activism, compete as Division I or club athletes, lead or found clubs and organizations, serve as peer leaders in the residence halls, and the list goes on and on.  With so many opportunities, the challenge can sometimes become deciding how to choose!  

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