We asked two BRDD students in different fields and at different points in their studies: How do BRDD students integrate within both campuses and communities without feeling like they are always in between/in a sort of limbo?

Njari (BRDD 2024; Sculpture, Modern Culture and Media) shared, “It's hard to escape the BRDD limbo, especially in your first year of the program; however, it's not impossible. I think the best way to do it without overextending yourself is to join clubs one or more on each campus. Clubs, in my experience, provide a bit of structure that can help you familiarize yourself with the kind of people at each school without getting swept up in their abundance of people, events, opportunities, etc. With clubs, you'll find people with similar interests as yourself, and hopefully, those early connections will blossom into great friendships that will make you feel more at home here in Rhode Island.”

Lucy (BRDD 2022; Graphic Design, Chemical Physics (ScB)) expressed, “There are all sorts of ways to feel connected to both campuses in a meaningful way. Some ways include joining clubs on either campus, working with a professor in their department on a project or research, helping out with their RISD department to coordinate events such as senior shows, open studios, etc. Both campuses offer multiple ways to engage with the campus, with potential low key events on the Main Green, Upper Quad, etc. Also, a student doesn’t have to be fully integrated into both campuses. Whatever they feel comfortable with is always acceptable!”

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