We asked two BRDD students in different fields and at different points in their studies to reply to the questions: Do BRDD students spend more time at Brown or RISD? How do BRDD students choose where they spend their time?

Njari (BRDD 2024; Sculpture, Modern Culture and Media) wrote, “Finding a home here tends to dictate where most Dualies spend their time. I spend more time at RISD because I'm in my studio a lot, but it differs from person to person. Some are more balanced than others, but I think most Duelies dedicate their time to the things/places where they are most passionate.”


Lucy (BRDD 2022; Graphic Design, Chemical Physics (ScB)), said, “It depends on the student and their majors! A variety of students spend different amounts of time at either campus, whether it may be their major calls for more time and classes, or they are more interested in one side than the other. BRDD students choose to spend their time wherever they need to to accomplish their work. If that means spending long hours in studio to finish a project, or studying in the Rock at Brown, BRDD students are flexible to work at either campus.”

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