News Archive from October, 2020

Fulbright Fellow, Ying Bonny Cai (BRDD 2018), Stays the Course

Ying Bonny Cai (BRDD 2018 Apparel, East Asian Studies, Economics) spent a year as a Fulbright Fellow in Seoul studying traditional Korean apparel with contemporary makers reviving and modernizing ancient customs.  Cai began investigating  hanbok as an Apparel Design major at RISD.

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Dwell Profiles Laura Jaramillo (BRDD 2020)

Laura Jaramillo (BRDD 2020, Furniture Design, Gender and Sexuality Studies ) designs everyday objects and tools that speak to the human experiences of memory, belonging, identity, and love.  In her interview, Laura shares, "My goal is to capture memories with an object that already exists and then to make new objects that intensify that emotion." - Dwell

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