BRDD Community

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  • Annual BRDD Exhibition

    A dedicated group of BRDD students from across the five cohorts, form a committee to jury, curate, and install the annual exhibition.

  • Brown Convocation

    BRDD students participate in campus traditions, such as Brown convocation.

For me, I function better socially in a smaller group setting, so the Program is a great environment for me, as we are a fairly small group all going through the same experience, so the community sense is very strong. I appreciate that I can speak to upperclassman that as a freshman outside the program I may have never even met, let alone have a chance to talk to and get advice from. All the upperclassman peer advisors are extremely sweet and supportive and offer wonderful advice. It's also nice to know there are many people going through the same situations and experiences as you and who are willing to help you get through them.

Lucy Shao BRDD 2022, Graphic Design and Chemical Physics