Student Life

Students enrolled in the Brown | RISD Dual Degree program are considered active students at both institutions throughout their five years. BRDD students have access to the resources and services of both institutions. Students in the program may also access support resources at either institution, including the support of staff members in the Division of Campus Life at Brown or the Office of Student Affairs at RISD.

At both institutions there is always someone available during the day for crisis appointments and at other times through a staff on-call rotation schedule. For urgent situations, students may reach Brown’s Administrator-on-call (401-863-3322) during evenings and weekends. At RISD, the Department of Public Safety (401-454-6376) will be able to reach the appropriate staff member to assist students during an emergency.


Program participants will be housed at RISD during the first year and at Brown during the second year. In the following years, students can live on either campus or off-campus (with permission), according to individual preference and availability.


First Year BRDD students are required to be on RISD’s Foundation Meal Plan and will automatically have seventy dining points on their Brown ID card (thirty-five per semester) to spend at Brown dining facilities.

Second Year BRDD students are required to be either on a Brown Meal Plan with seventy dining points on their RISD ID card (thirty-five per semester) to spend at RISD dining facilities or on the Brown | RISD Dual Degree Meal Plan.

Students living at RISD must adhere to RISD’s meal plan participation requirements based upon housing types. Students living at Brown in their third through fifth year are not required to participate in a meal plan. Alternatively, students in their second through fifth years of the program may choose to participate in the Dual Degree Meal Plan.

The Dual Degree Meal Plan splits meals and declining balance points between Brown and RISD and makes meals and points on both campuses available during Wintersession. Students on the Dual Degree Meal Plan will be billed through Brown and cannot transfer meals or points from one school to another. However, students may add points to either plan directly.  Students wishing to purchase additional points at Brown can do so by contacting Brown Dining.  Students wishing to purchase additional points at RISD should log onto the portal.

Dual Degree Meal Plan

The Dual Degree Flex meal plan is available to Dual Degree students in years 2-5 only.  Eligible students will receive information about the cost and distribution of meals and points at each institution in the winter prior to housing selection for the subsequent year.  The Dual Degree Flex meal plan contract is in effect for the entire academic year and it is billed by semester. Once a student has chosen the Dual Degree Flex meal plan, changes can only be made within the Dual Degree Flex A or B plan structure. There is a $10 service fee for  making changes to the meal plan after the semester begins. It is not permitted to cancel the meal plan mid-year.

Meal plans follow terms and conditions associated with each school, they can be found here:

For questions about the Dual Degree Flex meal plan or to sign up for this plan,  BRDD students should contact:

Al Anderson
Brown Dining
[email protected]