Strategic Goals

Transform the Brown Student Experience We will work to transform Brown's ability to educate students "for lives of effective action" by providing new and deeper experiential opportunities for Brown students to develop the knowledge and competencies for active engagement in their communities, the nation and the world.
Transform Brown’s Impact in the World We will work to transform Brown’s impact through reciprocal community partnerships for community-engaged scholarship and action. We will respond to collaboratively defined pressing social needs, engage community members as full partners and produce significant and measurable public benefits.
Integrate Academic Excellence We will work to integrate academic excellence in all we do. We will engage and partner with our faculty and administrative colleagues to encourage and support student integration of their academic, co-curricular and experiential pathways. We will nurture a university culture of deep, pervasive and integrated community-engaged scholarship and action that makes Brown a national and global thought leader, innovator and convener in engaged higher education.
Strengthen Community Engagement Infrastructure We will strengthen our infrastructure to support impact-driven community capacity and innovation, support more students engaging more deeply and support community engaged curriculum and faculty research. We will also develop clear and transparent communication strategies with the University and our stakeholders that regularly articulate our value.