Up Close with Jeremy Wortzel '16

by Sophie McKibben '16, Storyteller for Good
November 14, 2014

“It’s about trying to level the playing field. It’s making sure that every child has a healthy home to grow up in​, and ​can go to school because he’s not suffering from mold in his home and asthma in​ hi​s lungs. That’s the goal:​ making sure that every family, rich or poor, immigrant or not​,​ has a safe and healthy home.”

When he’s not playing folk music at Hasbro hospital, leading outdoor education programs or working towards his degree in Environmental Toxicology, Jeremy Wortzel ​is fighting housing inequities with the Healthy Housing Hub at Brown​.​ Since its genesis ​in 2012​, the Hub has worked with over 62 students at seven universities to create wikihousing.org (coming soon!) - a website that ​houses over 900 pages of invaluable​ research for policy makers and civil servants interested in creating safe and healthy homes.