Swearer Initiatives are thematically linked activities and opportunities within and beyond the Center. We develop and curate initiatives to broaden our reach and invite everyone into the work of the Swearer Center through speakers, events, film series, workshops, funding opportunities, research projects, conferences and other convenings.

Engaged Scholarship Initiative

The Engaged Scholarship Initiative (ESI) connects students, faculty, community partners, and alumni to social impact through the lens community engaged scholarship.

Field-Building Initiative

The National Field-Building Initiative aims to advance the fields of community engagement and social innovation through collaboration with students, faculty, community partners and other institutions of higher education. It is an effort on the part of the Swearer Center to intentionally cultivate synergies between advancing community engagement at Brown University and advancing community engagement nationally and internationally. With this initiative, the center is cultivating an outward focus on participatory field-building with the goal of facilitating collaborative efforts to advance community engagement and to identify exemplary community engagement and to make it visible as a model for others.  

National Field-Building Initiative partners include the Carnegie Foundation, the Siena College Research Institute, and the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities

Social Innovation Initiative

The Social Innovation Initiative (SII) is a set of opportunities that connect students, faculty, community partners, and alumni to social impact through the lenses of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Engaged Sport Initiative

The Engaged Sport Initiative is a set of opportunities for students, faculty, alumni and community partners to explore the ways athletes can and doo contribute to civic life of communities.