Opportunities for Graduate Students

With questions or ideas regarding engaged scholarship in graduate education, please contact Julie Plaut, the Swearer Center’s Director of Engaged Scholarship, at [email protected] or 401-863-6282.

Learning Communities on Community-Engaged Scholarship

Graduate students are invited to participate in the 2020-21 learning communities on community-engaged scholarship. These cohorts provide the opportunity for small groups of colleagues to build and sustain intellectual community through discussion of key themes, best practices, and their own experiences and questions.

Fall & Spring 2021 topics:
- Engaging with K-12 Education (anyone with an instructional role)
- Graduate Student Learning Community on Community-Engaged Scholarship (exclusive to grad students)

You can find the call for participants on: bit.ly/swearerlc
- Apply to facilitate a learning community on a topic of interest to you on: bit.ly/cfpswearerlc
- RFP deadline for AY 2020-21 or Fall 2020 learning communities:  September 4, 2020.

With questions, please contact jesús hernández ([email protected]) or Julie Plaut ([email protected]).

Fellowships with the Swearer Center

The Swearer Center hosts several fellowships for graduate students. Please click the links below to learn more about the application process and deadlines.

Royce Graduate Fellowship - 2020-21 Academic Year

These academic fellowships, funded by the Royce Fund for Engaged Scholarship, are open to Master’s students in any year interested in exploring intersections of community engagement, higher education, assessment, community agency, and public health. This fellowship aims to involve Master’s students in research on community engagement in the higher education field. We are prioritizing communications and social media
skills for this round.

Graduate Fellowship in Community-Engaged Scholarship

This one-year renewable fellowship is open to doctoral students (3rd year+) with a focus on social science research related to community engagement, higher education, community development, assessment, organizational change, and/or professional networks and field building. Applications open in January.

With questions about these fellowships, please contact Georgina Manok, Assistant Director of Research and Assessment ([email protected]).

Meet the current Swearer Center Graduate Fellows and Assistants.

Engaged Scholarship Award (for Graduate Students)

The Swearer Center recognizes our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with four annual awards. This year, student awards will be presented virtually in May 2020. Learn more about Undergraduate Student Awards.

The Engaged Scholarship Award for Graduate Students recognizes a Brown graduate student (PhD, Master’s, MD or other graduate programs) who has made community-engaged scholarship integral to their graduate experience. The award honors a graduate student whose research, teaching, and service activities exemplify the idea of community engaged scholarship, understood as collaborative inquiry between university and community partners grounded in the values of reciprocity, mutual respect, and the co-creation of knowledge and/or creative activities. Nominations for this year’s award will be due in April 2021.

Past Awardees

In 2020, the Engaged Scholarship Award (for Graduate Students) was presented to prabhdeep singh kehal and Anar Parikh.
In 2019, the Engaged Scholarship Award (for Graduate Students) was presented to Laura Garbes.
In 2018, the Engaged Scholarship Award (for Graduate Students) was presented to Meg Caven.