Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza Addresses 28 Winter Break Providence Students

by Annie Williams, Communications and Events Coordinator
January 26, 2018

On Thursday, Jan. 18, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza addressed 28 Brown University students participating in the Swearer Center program Winter Break Providence at Beneficent Congregational Church, a Swearer Center community partner site. 

Elorza discussed his own career path that led him to local politics and the unique opportunity for college students in Providence to make a difference in the state. 

“The power lies at the local level,” Elorza said, emphasizing the importance of staying optimistic and taking action during tumultuous political times. Elorza then gave students a chance to ask questions related to the issue areas they were exploring over the course of the weeklong program. 

During Winter Break Providence, about 30 Brown students live together for a week to engage with local issues of homelessness, urban education, equitable health care, economic justice, incarceration and environmental justice. During the program, students meet with policy makers, service providers, politicians, activists and community members to better understand both the context for these issues and the skills and commitments required to create meaningful social change. Each evening, participants come together for dinner, group learning and to hear from guest speakers.