What Does it Mean to be a College Adviser at Brown?

March 27, 2018

The College Advising Corps (CAC) at Brown University is a full-time AmeriCorps program that seeks to increase the number of first-generation college bound, low-to-moderate income and underrepresented high school students who persist in college and earn bachelor's degrees. To achieve this mission, recent college graduates serve as full-time College Advisers in 15 under-served high schools and 6 school districts across Rhode Island. College Advisers provide college application and financial aid guidance to students and their families while fostering a culture of college attendance and higher education in Rhode Island's urban communities. 

Twelve College Advisers work full-time in urban public high schools across Rhode Island to increase college awareness, preparation and enrollment of disadvantaged students. The College Advising Corps is funded by Serve Rhode Island.

In this video, College Adviser Lakshmi Swami asked her fellow College Advisers why they serve.