Honoring Excellence and Celebrating Achievement: I-BEAM Retreat and BME Commencement

May 21, 2024
Rachel Coogan, I-BEAM Manager

I-BEAM Retreat 

The spirit of accomplishment and the promise of a bright future were palpable as the I-BEAM community gathered for the Spring Retreat on May 16. 

At the heart of the retreat, we honored the recipients of several prestigious awards, celebrating their exceptional contributions and their impact within and beyond the I-BEAM community. These awards, presented to our faculty and students, highlight the breadth of talent and dedication that defines our institution.

Awards Presented at the I-BEAM Spring Retreat:

  • Outstanding BME Sc.M. Thesis: Rojry Basnet

  • Outstanding BME Ph.D. Thesis: Dr. Josephine Kalshoven

  • Contributions to I-BEAM Community Life Award: Dr. Josephine Kalshoven

  • Outstanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership BME Student Award: Dr. Cel Welch

  • Outstanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership BME Faculty Award: Dr. Kareen Coulombe

  • Engaged BME Post-doctoral Scholar Award: Dr. Jonathan Calvert

  • BME Master’s Student I-BEAM Spring Retreat Speaker: Joseph Stevenson

  • BME Ph.D. Student I-BEAM Spring Retreat Speaker: Mark Daley

  • BME Early-career Researcher I-BEAM Spring Retreat Speaker: Dr. Marwa Sallam

While the Outstanding Ph.D. and Sc.M. Thesis Awards recognize the pinnacle of academic research excellence, the other awards celebrate broader aspects of contribution and leadership. 

BME Engaged Post-doctoral Scholar Award is bestowed upon a post-doctoral scholar who exemplifies excellence in scientific research and actively disseminates their knowledge to the I-BEAM community, the broader scientific community, and society.

Contributions to I-BEAM Community Life Award honors an individual who has significantly enriched the I-BEAM community through active participation and leadership, enhancing both their program and the overall community experience.

Outstanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Award is presented to someone deeply committed to learning about DEI principles, critically engaging with DEI topics, and leading the BME community in fostering inclusivity through innovative strategies and programs.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we are reminded of the values that drive our community: excellence, engagement, and inclusivity. Congratulations to all our honorees for their exceptional accomplishments and unwavering commitment to advancing the field of biomedical engineering.

BME Commencement

Brown will award 72 degrees in Biomedical Engineering at Commencement 2024. Join us in celebrating our graduates. 

Sc.B. in Biomedical Engineering

Lara Aklouk 

Venkatsai Bellala 

Sai Chamarthi 

Nova Dea 

Injy El-Dib 

Valentina Grether 

Ishitaa Gupta 

Emma Hagenaars 

Mayayi Izzo 

Jessica Jacyno 

Nina Li 

Joanne Liu 

Layla Lynch 

Connor Macken 

Brendan McMahon 

Tobias Meng-Saccoccio 

Mei Molinari 

Carleigh Oberkfell 

Tolu Ogunfowora 

Evrim Ozcan 

Karolina Palac 

Connor Purcell 

Brianna Rodriguez 

Rachel Rowey 

Finja Scholz** 

Angelina Schorr 

Chris Shin

Maddie Simon 

Caroline Snyder 

Francesca Vecchio 

Andrew Willwerth 

Albert Wu** 

Sc.M. in Biomedical Engineering

Shane Barys

Rojry Basnet 

Sirine Bellou 

Aishwarya Bose

Amina Burgess 

Akshit Chhabra 

Andrew Christenson 

Abigail Drexler 

Jennifer Figueroa-Cruz 

Julie Gagnon 

Dylan Greynolds 

Alexander Halpin 

Stefan Lutschg Espinosa

Seokkee Min 

Makayla Minter 

Jennifer Piserchia

Jacqueline Quinones 

Lalitha Ramaswamy 

Marta Rodriguez Navas 

Finja Scholz**

Abigail Shaffer 

Dashaun Simon 

Elena Song 

Joseph Stevenson 

Jason Stoltz 

Gayathri Sundaresan 

Christopher Tannock 

Jainam Varma 

Amanda Vera 

Derek Wacks 

Nondi Walters

Tamsin Weissberg 

Albert Wu** 

Samantha Zalk 

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Adriana Coll De Pena*

Dr. Ramisa Fariha 

Dr. Josephine Kalshoven 

Dr. Deanna Stueber 

Dr. Cel Welch* 

*Awarded before May 2024
**Concurrent degree program, Sc.B. and Sc.M.