Undergraduate Program

The Biomedical Engineering Concentration

Biomedical engineering applies the tools of engineering to the challenges of biology and medicine.


The undergraduate program in biomedical engineering is an independent concentration that is administered both by the School of Engineering and the Division of Biology and Medicine.  Students can take courses from and do research with faculty from engineering, the various departments of biology, and the Brown-affiliated hospitals in Rhode Island.  The program’s primary emphasis is on the fundamentals of biomedical engineering, while also allowing students to personalize their curriculum. BME students learn to apply the principles of engineering and science, along with problem solving skills and critical thinking to a broad spectrum of engineering problems. Further, BME is a sound foundation for lifelong education with its emphasis on the use of teamwork, effective communication skills and an understanding of broad social, ethical, economic and environmental consequences. 

Alumni of the Biomedical Engineering (BME) program will achieve one or more of these program educational objectives (PEOs) within 5 years of graduation:

  1. Serve society through work or advanced study in a broad range of fields including, but not limited to, medicine, healthcare, industry, government, and academia

  2. Apply their deeply creative and versatile biomedical engineering education to solve a broad spectrum of engineering and societal challenges 

  3. Contribute as role models, mentors, or leaders in their fields