PhD Program

The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering is a joint venture by the Division of Biology and Medicine and the School of Engineering. The Program provides cutting-edge, interdisciplinary, graduate-level education at the interface of engineering, biology, and medicine appropriate for careers in academia, government, or industry. Students engage in broad opportunities across the Brown University community from the engineering/physical sciences through the life sciences on campus to Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School and associated teaching hospitals nearby.

Why choose Brown for your PhD?

Students customize their curriculum.

  • Students take 6 structured courses of their choosing in our PhD program.
  • Your course selections can focus on your research or your career interests.
  • Students can apply to enroll in Brown’s Open Graduate Education to pursue a master’s degree in a secondary field.

The program is designed for student success.

  • There are rigorous checkpoints, but most students who enter PhD program finish.
  • Evaluations are centered on research skills and progress, not rote learning.

Students engage in cutting-edge dissertation research:

  • Our advisors are passionate, supportive, and committed to strong mentorship.
  • Students direct match to the research labs of our core faculty through the admission process.
  • There is a high level of collaboration among research groups.

PhD students are generally accepted with a commitment of financial support for the duration of their thesis.

  • The funding commitment does require that their research and academic studies progress satisfactorily and they are otherwise in good standing.
  • Students also earn fellowships.
    • Fellowships awarded to our PhD students (2007-2023):

Students report high satisfaction with their degree and their experience and continue to great careers.

  • BME PhD placement (2007-2019, 77 students):


  • Companies our PhD graduates have been hired by:


  • Institutions our PhD graduates are faculty or fellows:

  • Brown BME alumni and current students can join our LinkedIn Group to network and access job postings.

Meet some of our alums and current students: