Math Resource Center

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Monday through Thursday 8-10pm 

Location:  Foxboro Auditorium, 151 Thayer Street, Room 125


The MRC is a tutoring center that is organized by the math department. Our goal is to provide a resource for undergraduates in order to help with introductory math classes. The MRC employs a mixture of graduate and undergraduate tutors while also encouraging group work among tutees.

Any student taking MATH 50, 60, 70, 90, 100, 170, 180, 190, 200, 520, or 540 or APMA 330, or 340 may come in for help with concepts and homework related to their class.  Students taking other courses are more than welcome to come in with questions, however, we can not guarantee the answers you need.

The MRC as a study center: Many students come to the MRC to work with friends and other people who are taking the same course. It's perfectly all right to use the MRC as a meeting place for small study groups, even if you don't ask the staff any questions.

Why come to the MRC?: First of all, it's free! We hope to provide a convenient and low-pressure community where students can work with their peers and get a different perspective on challenging topics. It isn't designed to be a substitute for an instructor's office hours, but may serve as an alternative for those students who cannot attend office hours.

An Important Distinction: The MRC staff are there to help students understand the material covered in their calculus courses; this includes helping students with their homework. However, this does not include helping students with take-home exams or any other assignments on which students are not allowed to consult others for help. Please do not expect or request help of the latter sort, as it is a breach of academic honesty and a contravention of the policy of the MRC. Also, the staff is not there to do your homework for you, but rather to help you do it yourself. Expect to be guided towards the answer, rather than getting it explicitly stated for you.

For Further Help: If you need further assistance beyond that provided by the MRC and the staff of the course you are taking, there is a tutoring program offered by Brown University that offers support for many math and applied math courses.

You can also request a private tutor by inquiring at the Math Department main office, Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 or calling 863-2708. The administrative team typically keeps a list of graduate students who are willing to tutor at their own hourly rates.


For MRC questions, please contact the MRC Organizer John Ahn, at [email protected]