How Do I Apply?

We accept applications through ERAS, click here to for application information

How Many Residents Do You Take?

We take 6 residents per year of training for a total of 18 residents.

When Are Your Interviews?

Interviews take place most Tuesdays and Fridays from November through mid-January.  For the 2023-2024 application cycle, all interviews will be conducted virtually via Zoom.  If you can only interview at other times, please contact us.

Do I Have To Do My Prelim Year at Brown?

No. We are an advanced (not categorical) program. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to do their prelim year with the Internal Medicine Residency at Brown where an internal medicine prelim spot is guaranteed.

How Do You Orient New Residents?

Our July conference series focuses on neurological emergencies and inpatient/outpatient work flows. PGY-2s have protected time to attend these conferences. In addition, residents perform a stroke simulation with standardized patients at our simulation center. Each PGY-2 does their first 2 weekend shifts or 2 short calls as a "buddy call" with a PGY-4 resident.

What is your block schedule like?

We use the X+Y (in our case 2+4) model.  This means that throughout the year residents have 2 weeks of outpatient rotations during which they have 3 continuity clinic sessions per week, alternating with 4 weeks of typically inpatient rotations during which they have no continuity clinic responsibilities.

Is there a limit to the number of residents that can join the optional tracks?

No, all residents in good standing can join one or multiple tracks: clinician-educator, clinician-researcher, and the Brown Residency International and Global Health Training (BRIGHT) pathway. 

Does doing one of the residency tracks increase the length of residency?

No, it's incorporated into the PGY 3 and PGY 4 years 

What fellowships do you offer?

Clinical Neurophysiology, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Vascular Neurology, Movement Disorders, Neuro-oncology, Neurodegenerative research, and Memory Disorders

What electronic medical record system do you use?

Residents use Epic for all inpatient and outpatient encounters at Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children's Hospital. When at the VA medical center (2 weeks in PGY 4) and Women and Infant's Hospital (approximately 4 consults/year of training), alternate EMRs are used. 

    Can International Medical Graduates Apply?

    Yes. Graduates of an LCME-approved United States or Canadian medical school or international medical graduates who possess a J1 visa, Green Card, or US citizenship and have been certified through the ECFMG may apply.

    Do I Have to Do Research During Residency?

    No, research during residency is entirely optional. Residents interested in research during residency are well supported

    Why Rhode Island?

    Learn more about the biggest little state

    I have a question not listed here:

    Please reach out to our program coordinator at [email protected]