Lower rates of COVID-19 testing and vaccination for night staff at nursing centers

Knowing how important staff vaccination coverage levels are to protect nursing center residents, Q&I researchers led efforts to understand barriers to staff vaccine coverage.

A recent study published in Health Affairs, led by Betsy White, focused on how the primary shift worked by staff - day or night shift - affected testing rates and vaccinations for nursing center staff. White and her team found that night-shift staff had the lowest odds of primary vaccination. This was also true of COVID-19 testing.

“Our findings highlight that work shift is an important structural factor to consider when implementing public health initiatives in organizations with shift-based workforces,” White said.

This study was one of numerous administrative supplements to the IMPACT Collaboratory. Q&I and Hebrew SeniorLife co-lead the IMPACT Collaboratory, a training and infrastructure initiative to fund and support innovative studies for people living with dementia and their caregivers. 

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