How can research help to improve care and outcomes for older adults? How can academic-industry collaboration evaluate practices, technology, and new ideas to demonstrate efficacy and to translate proven interventions into practice? 

Brown’s Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation (Q&I Center) improves care for older adults by testing and disseminating proven interventions. 

We have a particular focus on interventions targeting older adults in post-acute care (PAC) and long-term care (LTC) settings. We partner with innovators who have developed promising interventions, but who lack the skills or data necessary to establish the evidence base.

Moving along a continuum similar to the National Intitutes of Health Health Stage Model for Behavioral Intervention Development, we obtain grant funding to rigorously test the interventions and translate successes into practice. We don't fund research: we seek grant funding to prove interventions effective and/or to spread successes widely.  

Pragmatic trials are our gold standard approach, enabling us to test interventions under the real-world conditions and constraints in which providers operate.

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