Oil Baths

  • Label oil baths with the name of the oil and its maximum safe working temperature. For example, "Hot Mineral (Silicone) Oil" "Do not allow the temperature to exceed 145°C".
  • Place the oil bath in secondary containment. Containment must withstand the maximum oil temperature.
  • Oil expands when heated. Do not overfill bath containers.
  • The temperature of oil baths must be carefully controlled so as not to exceed the flash point of the oil. Use a thermometer to monitor temperature of bath.
  • Insure that water or volatile materials do not come into contact with oil baths.
  • Watch for smoking of the oil. Oil that is smoking is too hot and may burst into flames. If an oil bath starts to produce smoke, turn off the heat immediately.
  • Keep oil well-mixed to prevent hot spots and overheating.