Radiation Machine (X-ray)

A radiation machine is any device capable of electrically producing ionizing radiation (the term excludes devices containing radioactive material). The purpose of the radiation machine safety program is to ensure that any x-ray systems or particle accelerators are purchased, used, stored and disposed of correctly.

Brown University personnel wishing to own a radiation machine must fill out an Application for Authorization to Use Radiation Machine, which will be reviewed by the university Radiation Safety Officer and approved by the Brown University Radiation Safety Committee prior to use. In addition, every radiation system (used or stored) must be registered with the State of Rhode Island, Department of Health. A radiation machine registration is valid for one year.

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Radiation Safety Manual

Brown University’s Radiation Safety Manual describes the requirements for the use of ionizing radiation. The manual assists laboratory supervisors in complying with State of Rhode Island Regulations.

Radiation Safety Committee

The Brown University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) serves as the official governing body for faculty, staff and students on all matters relating to the use of ionizing radiation in research and teaching.  The RSC is responsible for overseeing research and teaching registrations that use ionizing radiation to ensure conformity with the Rhode Island Department of Health,  Rhode Island Code of Regulations, Title 216, Chapter 40, Subchapter 20-Radiation and the University's Certificate of Registration (radiation machine).