EHS staff are available upon request to assess workstation ergonomic needs for Brown faculty, staff and students.  We are also available to meet with departments proactively to provide Workstation Ergonomics Training.  

If you haven’t found the most comfortable set up for your home office/work area, it is not too late to improve your space! Working from home can be challenging, but some small changes can make a big difference. 

First, watch these YouTube videos for some general guidance on setting up your home office/work area.

Ergonomic Tips for Working at Home

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk

Next, read through the Ergonomics While Telecommuting guidance provided by Environmental Health & Safety. You will find ergonomic tips that you can use to improve your set up. 

Ergonomics While Telecommuting

If you are still having difficulty with your work area, contact your supervisor.  For additional assistance, please email [email protected]

Sit/Stand Adjustable Workstation Guidance