Laboratory Safety Committee

The University has established a Laboratory Safety Committee to implement and enforce all aspects of its Chemical Hygiene Plan. The Laboratory Safety Committee and its Chairperson are appointed by the Vice President for Research and advise him/her in all matters relating to laboratory safety concerns (recognizing that other committees and offices have responsibilities in specific areas of safety). Procedures pertain to any area where academically-related activities are conducted to safeguard the health and safety of Brown University students, faculty, staff and the community, and to assure compliance with appropriate laws, regulations, and guidelines. The committee will address, among other things, laboratory safety concerns relevant to facilities, procedures, emergency response and education. The Committee shall establish the mechanisms whereby issues concerning laboratory safety are identified, prioritized and systematically addressed.

The University Laboratory Safety Committee holds 4 scheduled meetings per year. For inquiries about the committee, please contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer at 401-863-3353.

The next meeting dates for the Laboratory Safety Committee are Wednesday September 21, 2022, Wednesday November 30, 2022, Wednesday February 15, 2023 and Wednesday May 03, 2023.