Date March 21, 2024
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Photos: Disco-pop flash mob shimmies onto College Green

At the first sign of spring, the Attitude Dance Company brought College Hill to life with a spontaneous outdoor dance routine performed by more than 100 students.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Seconds before speakers on Brown University’s College Green started blasting “Voulez-Vous” by disco-pop legends ABBA and a crowd erupted into dance, nobody knew what was going to happen — even the students who spent the last month organizing the performance were in suspense.

“The adrenaline was like unlike I’ve ever experienced,” senior Siri Pierce said. “With a flash mob, you only have one shot. There’s just so much that has to go right.”

Pierce and fellow senior Mia Prausnitz-Weinbaum organized and choreographed the flash mob that took over the College Green, led by Attitude Dance Company, a multi-style dance group that’s marking its 20th year as a student organization at Brown.

Roughly 120 students participated in the flash mob dance, having learned the moves after attending a choreography workshop in early March hosted by Attitude. Though only 60 students made it to the workshop in person, Attitude circulated a video tutorial afterward, and several dozens more took the time to learn the choreography and join the throng of dancers.

Flash Mob


Video by Brown University seniors Isaac McKenna
and Isaiah Olds-Campanile

Pierce, Prausnitz-Weinbaum and the rest of the group knew exactly what type of day they wanted to perform — but they weren’t sure of the date.

“There’s always that first College Green day, when everyone comes out of their winter hibernation,” Pierce said. “It’s one of the best days at Brown, and we really wanted to celebrate that first exciting day when it finally feels like spring on campus.”

After closely monitoring the weather, they finalized plans for the mid-March flash mob just 48 hours before it took place. And Mother Nature came through: the sky was blue, the temperature lingered in the mid-60s, and students across campus — unaware that the dance was about to break out in front of them — congregated on the College Green during lunch.

Following the successful and joyous performance, Pierce and Prausnitz-Weinbaum were able to check off a shared bucket-list item.

“Mia and I had been dreaming of doing a flash mob since we were sophomores, but it never really came together,” Pierce said. “This year, because we are seniors, we thought it was our last chance to make it happen. And we did.”

Prausnitz-Weinbaum echoed the sentiment, adding that Attitude Dance Company has provided her with both a creative outlet and profound sense of community over the last four years.

“I will forever miss dancing with this group when I graduate in May, but I have endless faith in Attitude’s ability to continue to provide a supportive, fun, diverse dance space at Brown,” she said.

As the two celebrate their choreographic legacy ahead of Commencement — when Pierce will earn a degree in English and international and public affairs, and Prausnitz-Weinbaum in environmental studies — Attitude Dance Company itself is marking a milestone 20-year anniversary.

On April 5 and 6, the company will celebrate its 20th year as it hosts its spring show, “Eclipsed,” which will play with themes of the total solar eclipse that will occur just days later on April 8.

“Attitude Dance Company has lasted as long as it has thanks to our collective commitment to not only creating great dances and performances, but cultivating a community where we support one another and find joy through our shared love of dance,” Pierce said. “I am excited about the company's future and do not doubt that it will continue to serve as a wonderful community for creative and passionate dancers on campus.”