Contact: For inquiries regarding the following:

Ronni Edmonds
Visiting Scholar Coordinator
(401) 863-2541
Email: [email protected]

- Visiting Scholar Housing

- Graduate student housing leasing

Michele Franco
Administrative Coordinator
(401) 863-5482
Email: [email protected]

 - Vice President calendar

Luis Gonzalez
Building/Project Manager
(401) 863-7241
Email: [email protected] 

- South Street Landing Management
- 249 Thayer Street 
- 110 Elm Street operations
- 66 Pavilion
- One Citizens Place
- 225 Dyer Street operations                                                                              

Jennifer Levesque
Accountant/Financial Specialist 
Email:  [email protected] 

- Property Accounting for all Real Estate operations
- Lease Administration 
- Accounting support for BAASRE

John Luipold    
Vice President, Business Affairs, Auxiliary Services and          Real Estate
(401) 863-7613
Email:  [email protected]

- Department management 

Lidia Pierce       
Director, Finance and Auxiliary Services     
(401) 863-9416
Email:  [email protected] 

- Financial Oversight of Business Affairs, Auxiliary Services and Real Estate ​
- Mail Services Operational and Financial Management​
- Real Estate Department Budget and Administrative Operations
- Real Estate Lease Administration and Systems Management 

Catrina Ritchie
Auxiliary Housing Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

- General graduate/undergraduate student inquiries and information

- Undergraduate student housing leasing
- Parking assignments for Brown-owned housing
- Key control/distribution   

Megan Szwyd
Associate Director, Real Estate 
Email:  [email protected] 

- Property management for Real Estate portfolio

Tina Thompson
Assistant Director, Auxiliary Housing
Email: [email protected]

- Auxiliary Housing management​
- Relocation services​
- Emergency housing needs
- Capital Improvement Planning