First-Year Graduate Student Housing

First-year graduate students are offered a limited number of Auxiliary-Housing managed apartments located on College Hill, ranging in size from studio apartments to four-bedroom apartments and houses. River House, located in the Jewelry District, has a separate rental process (see Applications: River House below).


River House- River House is actively compiling a wait list.  To be added to the wait list, please complete the Google Form by following this link .  Once the form has been submitted, it is sent to the River House leasing team and you are automatically added to the wait list.  Please note, the application process and lease periods may differ from other Auxiliary Housing properties. 

Auxiliary Housing- The Auxiliary Housing managed graduate housing application for the 2024-2025 academic year will be available on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 9:00 am. JUNE 6, 2024-ALL AUXILIARY HOUSING IS FULL FOR THE 24/25 ACADEMIC YEAR. The link will be located under the Graduate Student Housing Heading - Forms Section of this web page.  Rental units will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Graduate students that are not first-year graduate students can still apply, but will only be contacted if there are vacancies after all first-year graduate students are offered housing. Any vacancies will be offered to non first-year graduate students beginning May 6, 2024. 

                                Prior to signing your Auxiliary Housing rental agreement, Federal and Rhode Island law requires that we provide you with a disclosure in regard to the possibility of lead-based paint and lead-based hazards on the property. Housing built before 1978 has the possibility of containing lead paint. Here is a link to the informational brochure entitled "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home" which explains more in detail.      

Rental Agreement Period

Rental agreement periods are for 12 months beginning June 3, July 8, or August 5, 2024.  

Landlord may, but shall have no obligation to, agree to renew a rental agreement for a subsequent academic year.

Description of Program

Brown University has established a program designed to assist graduate and medical students with housing. To be eligible for this program, an applicant must be:

  • A first-year graduate student
  • A matriculated student of Brown University for the term requesting housing

To apply for one of these housing units, students must submit the Graduate Student Housing Application. Submission of an application does not guarantee placement in a unit. Applications for this program will be accepted until all available units have been assigned. Priority will be given to first-year graduate students. 

Applicants will be emailed their housing assignments. If applicant decides to accept the assignment, the applicant will receive a rental agreement via the email address on file. The rental agreement must be signed and submitted by the specified deadline. A $500 security deposit will be charged to the applicant's Banner account at this time. If the rental agreement is not signed and returned by the stated deadline, the applicant will lose the assigned unit, and the top-ranking applicant on the wait list will be assigned the unit.

Students may not rent a multi-bedroom apartment by themselves. Graduate housing coordinators will assign roommates to those requesting space in a multi-bed unit, unless the applicant names a preferred roommate. Preferred roommate must also meet the eligibility requirements as a first-year graduate student.  

Brown University reserves the right to add, remove, or change dwelling units included in this program and also to terminate this program at any time subject to its obligations under the rental agreements executed under the program. Brown University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age handicap, status as a veteran, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. 


Graduate tenants with a fully-executed rental agreement may choose to sublet their apartments. All subtenants must be Brown graduate students, possess a valid Banner ID, and abide by the Brown Code of Conduct, the Auxiliary Housing Rules and Regulations, and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Student Housing Occupancy Agreement. See the Forms section for more information about subletting. 


If you are in need of parking, please contact Catrina Ritchie. Parking spaces are available for an additional charge and are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

University Housing for Students with Disabilities

Brown University offers a range of campus housing that accommodates the needs of students with disabilities. Improvements have been made relating to the accessibility of routes of travel on campus to accessible dormitories. Brown University has campus accessibility maps that provide information about campus accessibility, including but not limited to, information about accessible paths of travel, lift locations, and accessible parking. These maps can be found here. For specific information about accessibility, please contact the Office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services at 401.863.9588 or [email protected].

The University has made improvements to selected Auxiliary Housing facilities so that there are units that are accessible to and usable by students with disabilities.

Housing Options 2024/2025 Note: Rental Rate is Per Person/Per Month

All accommodations subject to availability. View listings below for more information and photos.  

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