Undergraduate Student Housing

The Auxiliary Housing office leases and manages residential housing units ranging in size from one-bedroom apartments to multi-bedroom apartments and houses. The typical rental unit in an undergraduate off-campus building includes utilities such as heat, hot water, gas, and electricity. Telephone service, cable television service, internet access, and the wiring for these services are available through private providers at the tenants’ cost. All apartments are located on College Hill.

Apartments are available on a first-come, first-served basis to currently enrolled students for a 12-month term. For 2023/2024 availability, please submit a New Guest Card.  Once completed, a representative from the Auxiliary Housing department will contact you to discuss your housing needs.  

 PLEASE NOTE:  Only those students who have applied for off-campus housing permission will be contacted to view available housing. 

A reservation fee of $150 per person is required to hold an apartment. In the case of a multi-person unit, the reservation fee must be received from each applicant for that unit before the unit will be held for the group. The $150 reservation fee is refundable if the applicant does not receive off-campus housing approval. If the applicant does receive off-campus approval and decides to not lease the unit, the reservation fee will not be returned. If the applicant receives off-campus approval and leases the unit, the reservation fee will be applied towards the required security deposit, which is equal to one month’s rent. 


Undergraduate tenants with a fully-executed lease may choose to sublet their apartments. All subtenants must be Brown-affiliated, possess a valid Banner ID, and abide by the Brown Code of Conduct, the Auxiliary Housing Rules and Regulations, and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Student Housing Occupancy Lease. See the Forms section for more information about subletting. 


The Auxiliary Housing office has a limited number of parking spaces in specific lots on campus that are available to its tenants to rent for a monthly fee on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Catrina Ritchie for additional parking information. 

2023-2024 Housing Contract Terms 

Housing contract terms for currently enrolled undergraduate students are for a 12-month period beginning June 2, 2023 at noon and terminating on May 27, 2024 (Memorial Day) at noontime.  Rental charges are placed on the student's Banner account on a per-semester basis through the Bursar's office.

Important Note for Undergraduates

Undergraduates who have not received off-campus permission will not be able to sign a housing lease. Inquiries regarding off-campus permission should be directed to the Office of Residential Life.

University Housing for Students with Disabilities

Brown University offers a range of campus housing that accommodates the needs of students with disabilities. Improvements have been made relating to the accessibility of routes of travel on campus to accessible dormitories. Brown University has campus accessibility maps that provide information about campus accessibility, including but not limited to, information about accessible paths of travel, lift locations, and accessible parking. These maps can be found here. For specific information about accessibility, please contact the Office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services at 401.863.9588 or [email protected].

The University has made improvements to selected Auxiliary Housing facilities so that there are units that are accessible to and usable by students with disabilities.

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