Allegations of prohibited conduct by student groups will be resolved through Student Group Administrative Review Meetings conducted by administrators of the University. These meetings will be between one University administrator and the leader of the student group under review.

Procedure. The Case Administrator will notify, in writing, the leader (or other responsible student) of the student group of the allegation(s). The student group has the opportunity to review all evidence upon request prior to the meeting, to prepare a response, and to be heard regarding the allegations. The Administrative Reviewer will decide if the student group is responsible for violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct.

Outcomes. The most serious community status outcome of this proceeding is 3 semesters of probation with restrictions, but other restrictions on the student group may be imposed.  When determining an appropriate outcome, Administrative Reviewers will consider the nature of the incident and its context as well as any prior disciplinary findings and outcomes. Accompanying terms may be assigned as appropriate. Within five (5) days of the conclusion of the review, the Case Administrator will notify the student group’s leader(s) in writing of the decisions in the case.

For more information about procedures involving allegations against student groups, please see the Student Conduct Procedures for Student Groups