Help A Student in Distress 

The Student Support Services staff is available to assist students with a wide-range of issues and concerns that might arise during their time at Brown. The Student Support Services Deans are available by appointment to consult with individual students about their personal questions/concerns, thus allowing students to succeed and thrive in their academic pursuits.   

We seek to understand the unique experiences of each student, keeping in mind the context of their identities. A student’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic background, religious or spiritual identity, sex, ability or disability, country of origin, documentation status, first generation college student status, and other aspects of identity may all impact how they navigate academic challenges, process moments of tension within the community, consideration of workload reduction or a leave of absence, or any other issue with which we might be supporting them.

While much of our work is with individual students, we also engage in education and outreach to students, staff, & faculty on topics related to helping students in distress. In doing so, we seek to educate others in the community on the ways in which a student may experience various challenges and crises and how best to support them.

We seek to provide compassionate support which encourages student agency and see our work as constantly evolving in relationship with the students whom we serve. We seek to educate ourselves and welcome feedback at any time in relation to our work.*


*A feedback form is available under the About section of our website. Students may also email [email protected] or contact any of our staff with questions or suggestions.