The Care Team is a multi-disciplinary group which meets weekly to consult, refer and provide guidance and support for undergraduate students who may be struggling with health or personal concerns. The purpose of the group is to facilitate the best systems and support networks for students in order to promote their well-being and success.

The Care Team is convened by the Student Support Services office and comprised of representatives from The College, the Dean of Students, Athletics, Residential Life, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), University Health Services, and Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

In a Care Team meeting, deans and administrative staff share basic information about a student’s situation (see below) and ask for consultation and referral from other team members. Representatives from CAPS, Health Services, and SAS all maintain their respective professional standards of confidentiality in the space, but may suggest best practices in terms of referral or support which may be beneficial.

The type of information shared by the deans and administrative staff is typically broad and non-specific. For instance, it might be shared that a student is struggling academically, that they have experienced an illness, injury, or mental health concern, that there are financial challenges, or that other Brown community members have expressed concern for the student.

In addition, the Care Team exists to develop and maintain strong relationships between various campus resources, which creates a more seamless experience for students utilizing these resources.