Student Support Services deans are available to assist students with a wide range of issues and concerns that might arise during their time at Brown.  Deans can serve as a sounding board to help students consider their options and can help connect students to the right set of resources at Brown.   We are available during the day for both challenging and non-emergency situations, as well as urgent, same-day appointments.  To schedule an appointment, students may call our office and request to meet with a dean

Students may connect with a dean for a wide variety of reasons which may include: mental or physical health concerns and their impact on a student's ability to succeed at Brown both inside and outside the classroom; family concerns including illness or loss of a loved one; concerns about a peer in the Brown community; experience of a bias incident, Title IX incident, or other crime or violation of the university community standards; managing a difficult process at Brown such as going through a Student Conduct or Academic Code hearing; and much more. Anytime a student is struggling and not sure what their options may be, a dean in Student Support Services is a good resource.

While there are many resources available at Brown for specific concerns, a dean in the Student Support Services office can help you explore options, figure out which resources are right for you, and help to make these connections. We often provide the general support which allows a student to get the care they need. For instance, a student struggling with a mental health concern may seek treatment from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to address the underlying issues, but may also work with a dean to manage how the issue is impacting other aspects of their time at Brown. Student Support deans can assist with communicating with faculty, such as writing a Dean’s Note, and can explore options such as workload reduction and medical leave. 

Meetings can be held in person or via Zoom. To schedule a meeting with a Dean, please call 401-863-3145 or send us an email. Please be sure to include your availability in your email.