How do I report an invention?

Fill in the invention disclosure form and return to Brown Technology Innovations at [email protected].  If you have any questions, please either submit by email to the this address or contact Brown Technology Innovations at (401) 863-7499. 

Does Brown have a written Patent and Invention Policy?

Yes. It is available here: Brown University Patent and Invention Policy and Copyright Policy.

Do inventors share in the net royalties of licensed patents?

Yes, inventors, their labs, their departments, as well as the university, all share in the proceeds generated from licensing of inventions as described in the IP policy. 


What happens to the net royalties to the inventors if they leave the institution?

The net royalties will follow the inventor. It is the responsibility of each inventor to keep Brown informed of their current address.


What happens to the net royalties assigned to the inventors’  Laboratory if they leave the institution?

The net royalties assigned to an inventors’ laboratory will be given to that inventors’  department at Brown.


What about intellectual property created during leaves of absence, sabbaticals or vacations?

The Patent and Invention Policy does apply during sabbaticals and vacations because these are benefits of appointment at Brown. Ownership of intellectual property arising while a faculty member is on a leave of absence will depend upon the specific conditions of the leave of absence and a review of those conditions.


Can a faculty member consult privately for companies?

Yes. The University permits its faculty to engage in appropriate private consulting relationships. This is described more fully in the IP policy.


Who receives the royalties on books and textbooks?

With regard to books and textbooks, the copyright will customarily be owned by the authors and any royalties earned will be paid to the authors. The University will receive no royalty under this circumstance. In those rare instances in which the University owns the copyright, the royalties will be distributed according to the standard formula in the policy.


For more information, please contact Brown Technology Innovations at [email protected] or (401) 863-7499.