Cost Transfers Training
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NIH Fellowship (F) Training
12:00 PM SSL- 546

Subawards Training
12:00 PM SSL-546

Financial Closeouts of Sponsored Projects
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11/9/18 - Winter Break Proposal Submission Schedule

Proposals due January 7th:

Administratively complete proposals are due to OSP/BMRA by 5pm on 12/19/18. Final science will be due by noon on 1/2/19.

For proposals due anytime during winter break:

Proposals will follow the standard 5 day rule, with the "deadline" now being 12/21/18.  Therefore, proposals will be due to OSP/BMRA by 5pm on 12/13/18.

If you have any questions about a specific proposal deadline that isn't outlined above, please contact your Grant & Contract Administrator.

OSP Proposals Per Month - FY18

The featured chart of the month shows OSP proposal submissions by month for the most recent fiscal year (FY18).  Yes, October tops the chart with the highest proposal volume followed closely by May. We hope this information is useful for proposal planning purposes. (Right click to open image in new tab)


OSP Proposals Per Month FY18.JPG

Pre-Award Staff are responsible for:

Post-Award Staff are responsible for:

  • Reviewing and submitting proposals on behalf of Brown University

  • Serving as Institutional Authorized Signatory on sponsored agreements and proposals

  • Providing assistance with the interpretation of sponsor requirements and federal regulations

  • Communicating with sponsors on behalf of PIs and Departments

  • Grant and Contract award negotiation and acceptance

  • Creation and issuance of subaward agreements and Subrecipient Monitoring

  • Non-financial Post-award changes (e.g., No-cost extensions, Rebudgeting, Change of PI, Award transfer, etc.)

  • Education, outreach and training

  • Establishing and monitoring sponsored research accounts

  • Monitoring expenditure activities on sponsored research accounts to ensure compliance with federal regulations, non-federal, and University policies and procedures

  • Interpreting and applying sponsor regulations and policies

  • Preparing interim and final financial reports in a timely manner

  • Cash management of sponsored projects

  • Disseminating information to principal investigators and administrators on a range of topics related to post-award administration

  • Participating in the University's annual federal Single Audit

  • Education, outreach and training

 The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) supports Brown University faculty, students and staff in the acquisition, performance, and administration of projects and programs funded by external sources. OSP provides the University's central coordination and oversight of research by offering a wide range of services including review and submission of proposals; award negotiation and acceptance; dissemination of research policy information to campus; issuance of subaward agreements and subrecipient monitoring; compliance with governmental and private funding agency standards; advising on financial management of sponsored projects, financial and expense reporting; cash management; effort reporting, and monitoring of cost-share arrangements; addressing financial and administrative issues that arise during the life of a sponsored project; coordination of award close-out process; and providing education and professional development opportunities in research administration for the campus community.