EN123 Scorecard 2007         Name:______________________________

Lab ID
Lab Minus 1* Burn out a 524 Instrumentation Amplifier Sept 7, 2007 JDD
Lab 0 LabVIEW For Loop with Analog Out    
Lab Point 5 LabVIEW While Loop in service of Pulse Height Window Discriminator    
Lab 1 Gain Bandwidth Product of LF353 op amp, with microphone pickup    
Lab 2 Common Mode Rejection Ratio in AD524 inst. amp, with orientation-sensing phototransistors    
Lab 3 Being Grounded: Neutral-to-Ground Voltage, Ground Loops, GFI : Electrical Safety    
Lab 4Pre

Robot Rovers: Read and Write on DI/O; programming embedded C



Lab4B Around the Block: Coding a Rover for Navigation    
Lab4C The Guiding Light: Sensory Feedback for Rover Orientation    
LabZilla Robot Rover Derby Double Elimination Tournament, TBA    
Lab 5 Thermistors Sensing Temperatures of Hair Dryer Air Flow and Stirred Cold Water    
Lab 6 FFT & Sample Rate Aliasing : Digital Scope vs LabVIEW    
Lab 7 Strain Gauges on fiberglass/bone in a Wheatstone Bridge    
Lab 8 Recording from leg spur-sensitive nerve fibers in roach "thigh"    
Lab 9 Bimanual Knob Rotation Frequency and Hypothesis Testing with EXCEL Analysis Tool; FTQ: Oral quiz on Loftus & Loftus chpt 7    
 Lab ADA Analog to Digital to Analog Exponential Decay Demo    
Lab A16 EMG Spectrum: Skin Electodes Recording from Muscle    
Lab B Feedback Control of Air Flow from Fan System; FTQ: Oral quiz on motor torque-speed curve    
Lab VT Demonstration of Hill's Muscle Velocity-Tension Equation    
Lab LT Length-Tension Curve of Frog Leg Muscle    
Quiz 1 VCVS Bandpass or Band-reject Filter Design: Node Admittance Matrix inversion    
Quiz 2 Calculations for Strain Gauges in a Wheatstone Bridge (Example Quiz)    
Quiz 3 Dynamic Feedback System Question (example)    
Eval Forms Attend last day of class, fill out evaluation forms, eat refreshments, have this line of the scorecard signed.    

* In keeping with the concept of negative numbers you receive credit for Lab Minus One by NOT doing it.
Thus if you do Lab -1 you WON'T receive credit for it!