Student Account Refund of Overpayments

Important Timing for Refund Requests

Credit balance refunds are processed on of after the start of the semester.  Please wait to submit refund requests until the start of the semester. 

Refund Process

Brown's preferred method for refunding your payment is electronic via ACH. This method ensures timely and accurate processing of your eligible refund. Please submit your refund request no earlier than 5 days prior to the beginning of the semester. Refunds will be processed once the semester begins and credit balances are a result of actual aid disbursements or payments on the student account. (Anticipated aid or memos are not eligible to be refunded.)

Step 1: Setup an eRefund account at to receive a refund electronically to a U.S. personal checking or savings account. This can ONLY be done via the student's login. See our EBill & Payment User Guide for help. This should be done BEFORE submitting this form. If no eRefund account is setup, a refund will be processed via paper check. This will delay the timing of your refund.

Step 2: Complete and submit a Student Refund Request Form.  Note: Refunds will be reviewed and processed once the semester begins. Refunds cannot be issued prior to the beginning of the semester. A refund is not valid when a credit balance is the result of anticipated aid or memo items.