Tuition Leave Refund Policy

Tuition Leave Refund Policy

Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Students who leave the University during or at the end of Term I are not charged for Term II.

Students who leave the University (except under conditions noted below) or change their enrollment status during a term are eligible for tuition payment refunds during the first five weeks of the term according to the following schedule:

Week of Withdrawal          Refund Percentage

First two weeks                               80%

Third week                                        60%

Fourth week                                     40%

Fifth week                                         20%

If a partial refund is made, no portion of the tuition paid and not refunded is credited toward the total tuition required for the degree. When no refund is made, the four tuition units paid are credited toward the total tuition required for the degree, and the number of terms to which the student is entitled for full-time enrollment is appropriately reduced.

Students who are suspended or dismissed or withdraw when under investigation for misconduct are not eligible for a tuition refund for the term in which the suspension, dismissal or withdrawal occurs.

Federal financial aid recipients are also bound by the Federal refund policy for financial aid funds.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details.