Journal Entries

Journal Entry Training and Access

Departmental users submit journal entries to Workday through Salesforce, a web-based software. The Controller's Office requires that all new users complete a training session before we authorize Workday Programs to grant users access to the application. After users complete our training session, the Controller’s Office will submit a help ticket to Workday Programs /Security Roles to authorize individuals’ access. Access is granted through the Accounting Coordinator role in Workday. Since the Controller’s Office authorizes access to the Accounting Coordinator role via an internal help ticket, it is not necessary for departments to submit a separate help ticket for the Accounting Coordinator role*.

*Departmental users should request all other roles through a help ticket, selecting Workday Category “Security Roles”.  Please refer to Workday Program@Brown for guidance on requesting security roles.

We offer two training sessions depending on level of accounting experience.

-          Level One:  For those with no familiarity with journal entries and general accounting at Brown.

-          Level Two: For those with experience with general accounting and journal entries, particularly those with experience using other types of accounting software such as QuickBooks.

To schedule a training, please send a request to [email protected], if requesting level two training provide a brief description of your past experience with journals.

After completion of the session, the Controller’s Office will request the Accounting Coordinator Role from Workday Programs. Access is normally granted 1-3 business days after completion of the session.

Prior to attending the training, you are highly encouraged to take the following courses through Workday Learning: 

Please contact [email protected] for all journal related questions.