The following titles from the series, “Archaeologia Transatlantica”, are available through the David Brown Book Store:

Ancient Greek Coins: Catalogue of the Classical Collection, Museum of Art (RISD) by R. Ross Holloway

Interpretatio Rerum: Archaeological Essays on Objects and Meaning, edited by Susan S. Lukesh

La Muculufa, The Early Bronze Age Sanctuary by R. Ross Holloway, Martha S. Joukowsky and Susan S. Lukesh

La Muculufa II by Brian McConnell and others

Miscellanea Mediterranea, edited by R. Ross Holloway

Myth, Sexuality and Power: Images of Jupiter in Western Art, edited by Frances van Keuren

Prehistoric Aphrodisias by Martha S. Joukowsky, 2 vols.

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hypoakraios and Imperial Athens by Peter E. Nulton

Ustica I by Ross Holloway  and Susan Lukesh

Ustica II by R. Ross Holloway and Susan S. Lukesh and other contributors

The Villa of Livia Ad Gallinas Albas by Jane Clark Reeder