Assistant Professor Kareen Coulombe receives NIH R01 Research Project Grant

Dr. Coulombe will receive $2.3 M over a 5-year period from the National Heart, Lung and Blood institute of the National Institutes of Health to pursue heart regeneration studies. Her state-of-the-art tissue engineering research uses cardiomyocytes derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells in a natural, hybrid biomaterial scaffold designed to induce maximal contractile strength.

(Distributed February 15, 2017)

Assistant Professor Kareen Coulombe receives Rising Star Award

The Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering special interest group of the Biomedical Engineering Society announced that Professor Kareen Coulombe will receive a 2017 Rising Star Award at their annual conference in January 2017 on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Professor Coulombe will present research on the optimization of collagen-fibrin natural polymers as a tissue scaffold for engineered human iPSC-derived cardiac tissue.  The study, led by PhD candidate Nick Kaiser, examined 12 conditions in all possible combinations utilizing a Design of Experiments approach to generate surface res

(Distributed December 9, 2016)

A New Ligase

Researchers in the Center for Biomedical Engineering have developed a new RNA ligase for laboratory use. The heat-stable enzyme, described in a paper in RNA Biology, could be useful for in vitro diagnostics and sequencing and other applications.

A New LigaseA New Ligase





(Distributed November 1, 2016)

University researchers develop tool with potential applications in cancer screenings

University researchers have developed a novel imaging technique that distinguishes cells that have gone through a change that occurs during cancerous growth — among other processes — from cells that have not. A study published Oct. 3 describes the development and impressive accuracy of this tool, “the first of its kind to do a really extensive morphological study,” according to Susan Leggett GS, the lead author of the paper.

(Distributed October 21, 2016)

Graduate Program Retreat Poster Winners

Congratulation to the BME & Biotechnology Graduate Program Retreat poster award winners! The retreat included over 100 doctoral and master's students from the two graduate programs, with fifty-six posters being presented. Students did an outstanding job presenting their work to multiple audiences and demonstrated the breadth and depth of research conducted at Brown and the affiliated hospitals.

(Distributed September 8, 2016)
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