Financing the Master's Program

The majority of students enrolled in Master’s programs at Brown are self-supported.

  • Our tuition scale is competitive.
    • Students pay per course credit and are required to take 8 courses over 4 semesters. Learn more about tuition and fees.

    • Important Notes:

      • The Grad School's tuition rates are based on a 4-course per semester schedule.
      • The BME Master's Program does not follow the pay scale for the Engineering Master's program (it's cheaper!).
    • The BME Master’s degree is an eight credit degree which students typically complete over two years. The 2023-2024 cost of tuition is $ 8,207.00 per credit.

      • With fees, the cost for the 1st year of a 2-year degree is $33,553 for the 2023-2024. The 2-year degree will cost approximately $67,006, but please note: tuition costs may increase in 2024-2025. The Graduate Financing Worksheet can be a useful tool for financial planning.
      • Students can also spread billed costs by enrolling in an Installment Payment Plan.
  • Limited funding opportunities are available: Recognizing that many students need additional funding sources, if accepted to our program we can work with you to identify potential internal and external collaborative relationships once you arrive on campus in the fall.