Academic Experience

If you’re in the Dual Degree Program, do you have the option of withdrawing from the Program and just attending Brown or RISD?

At any time, a BRDD student may choose to withdraw from the Brown|RISD Dual Degree Program but remain enrolled in one or the other of the institutions, provided the student meets the selected institution’s requirements for continuing. A student considering such withdrawal must consult with academic advisors to understand implications on degree requirements, ensure the viability of completion of a degree at the selected institution, and understand the timeline of such completion.

As a BRDD student, can a student also complete pre-med/pre-health requirements?

Pre-med/pre-health requirements can be found on Brown's Health Careers Advising page.  There is no certainty that a student could complete these requirements while in the five-year BRDD Program.  Many factors may contribute to the feasibility of  fitting in some or all of these requirements.  Some of these factors include how far ahead a student plans, if the student's concentration requirements and the recommended pre-med requirements have significant overlap, how m

Are students in the Dual Degree Program able to study abroad?  

The BRDD Program is demanding as students work to complete two degrees over a five year period.  If study abroad is an important part of a student's experience, the student works closely with the Dual Degree Advisor to see how it may be possible during the five year course of study.  BRDD students have spent a semester abroad on RISD European Honors Program, in a RISD global exchange program, or on a Brown study abroad p

How possible is it for a BRDD student to change their major at RISD or concentration at Brown while in the Program?

BRDD students have changed their majors at RISD.  Most often this occurs between their "soft" declaration in the spring semester of the first year and their re-declaration in the spring semester of the second year.  The feasibility of changing a major is really dependent upon when the student makes the change, what major a student is switching from and into, and the number of requirements the student has remaining to complete their Brown degree.   Similarly, the feasibility of changing a student's Brown concentration depends.  Requirements towards Brown concentrations range, with some conce

In general, how many courses per semester do Dual Degree students take?

To be considered full time at RISD, students are required to be enrolled in no fewer than 12 credit hours.  This is usually four classes, though can be three if one of those classes is a double weighted (6-credit) studio.  Generally, Dual Degree students are taking four to five classes a semester.  Students are also required to take a minimum of one class in the RISD Wintersession of their first and second years in the program.  Many students choose to continue participating in RISD Wintersession throughout their five years.