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Design Without Boundaries

When Madison Kim BRDD 17 IA arrived in Vancouver, Canada as a 10-year-old immigrant from Korea, she turned to home-improvement shows on TV as a way to fast-track her English speaking skills. But something about those shows made a lasting impression. -Robert Albanese, RISD Media

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Designing a Future: Anisa Holmes ’16

Not only did Anisa's summer lay the groundwork for a potential future in graphic design, it also showed her how artistic expression comes in multiple forms: “It proved to me that you can make it work and have a really fulfilling career in the arts.” - BrownConnect

Three Siblings Choose RISD

All three Bentel siblings are artists, musicians, sports enthusiasts – and enrolled at RISD. - RISD Media

Student Profile: Lizzie Kripke

Lizzie Kripke (BRDD 2014, Painting and Neuroscience) discusses her experience in a presentation, Building Bridges Between the Arts and Sciences.

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A world of art at the Watson Institute

For Kang, a Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program student who is majoring in international relations and textiles, Banglatie not only showcases her mastery in knitting but also her interest in the garment industry, a topic that has touched her personally in more ways than one. - Courtney Coelho, Brown Media

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Alison Rutsch: Picture the Best School Ever

Alison Rutsch knew that kids could envision the Best School Ever. “I think that one of the big problems with school reform historically and now is that we really don’t ask students what they need.” - Darlene Trew Crist, Brown Media

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