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These Squiggle Glasses Are the Future Millennials Want, Designed by Lukas (2015) and Nikolas (2017) Bentel

A brand called Bentel Brothers, who appear to be the designer-inventors of viral art stunts and wacky products like meat grown from celebrity tissue samples, has debuted a new "purposefully nonfunctional" line of "Squiggle Glasses." - Jael Goldfine, Paper Mag

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Zachary Ziebell, a rare winter intern at HP Labs

Zachary Ziebell joins HP Labs on a rare winter internship this month and next. A dual fifth-year senior at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University, Ziebell is majoring in both painting and symbolic systems, which combines computer science, cognitive science, and philosophy. He grew up outside San Antonio, Texas and in his spare time enjoys drawing, painting, and hiking. - HP Labs

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Instagram Meets Installation

While the endless and often madcap scroll of an Instagram feed might not seem like the most fruitful starting point to unpack what it means to be an artist, Raina Wellman19 GD, Eliza Chen BRDD19 GD and Theia Flynn 19 GD decided to do just that. In fall 2017, they sourced a massive collection of process-related posts from their peers for a collaborative project in their junior-year Design Studio III. - RISD Media

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Student with architectural model

Studio Focuses on Racial Justice

Dual degree student Jeremy Wolin BRDD 19 IA envisions on-site and off-site interventions. - RISD Media

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Ariana Martinez (BRDD 2017) Featured Work, "Night Rider," on BBC Sounds

In "Night Rider," featured on BBC Sounds, Ariana Martinez shares an audio piece about their childhood experience of frequently moving and being in transit to a new uncertainty.  (BBC Series 17, 8:31-16:40)

The colors of the midterm elections? Purple, green, and gold

The Center for American Politics and Design reads the tea leaves of midterm campaign design–and finds some surprises.  The Center for American Politics and Design, a new group of designers and creative directors including Susan Merriam (RISD 2014) of Graj + Gustavsen, Kevin Wiesner (BRDD 2015) and Lukas Bentel (BRDD 2015) of Hello Velocity, and Will Denton and Seth Kranzler of Channel Studio, explore the visual culture of campaign season through an analysis of campaign branding in the midterm elections. 

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Danny Glass (BRDD 2015) Shows at the 2018 International Art Festival in NY

Danny Glass displays a series of figurative paintings at the International Art Festival in New York.

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Google Pixel 3 TV Commercial

View Eli Block (BRDD 2017) and Phil Bayer (BRDD 2019) in the Google Pixel 3 National TV Commercial

Stories of Impact: Social Innovation Inspires Brown Student To Create Opportunities For Mindfulness

My project, Musical Prosthetics, is an expression of mindfulness, communication and connection. We are living in a fast-paced world rushing from event to event, multi-tasking at every turn. We are losing touch with ourselves, our bodies, and the people around us. However, art has the power to slow us down, allows us to experience the world around us, and can even shift our reality.  - Kate Reed 

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Miami Artist Nadia Wolff Explores Haitian Identity And Class In New Work

The BayParc Apartments in downtown Miami opened a space to artists through a collaboration with the national nonprofit YoungArts. The latest installation there is  “A Place To Be Held” by Miami-native and  2016 YoungArts winner Nadia Wolff.  -Nadege Green, WLRN Miami | South Florida

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