Crisco and Fleming Honored as ORS Fellows

February 8, 2022
Celinda Kofron
ORS 2022
PhD student

PhD candidate Sean Flannery

PhD student

PhD candidate Josephine Kalshoven

ORS award ceremony

Crisco and Fleming honored as ORS fellows.

research group at dinner

BME faculty and students and their colleagues at ORS.

Brown BME affiliated presentations and posters included:

Chen Lab:

Presentation 120: Matrilin-2 And Lysine Enhanced Chitosan Scaffold Within A Type 1 Collagen Conduit Promotes Peripheral Nerve Regeneration And Motor Function Return Following A Segmental Nerve Defect In A Rat Model Neill Y. Li; Brandon Vorrius; Elliott Rebello; Jonathan Ge; Zhen Qiao; Jing Ding; Julie Katarincic; Qian Chen

Poster 633: Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Lamivudine Suppresses Inflammaging Of Cartilage Mesenchymal Stromal Cells In Vitro And Attenuates Early Onset Of MicroRNA-activated Osteoarthritis In Vivo Yun Gao; Zhiyu Huang; Wenguang Liu; Alex Brodsky; Nan Hu; Pengcheng Liu; Jing Ding; Qian Chen

Poster 1428: A MicroRNA Inflamma-stat Regulates Sex-specific Interleukin 6 Homeostasis In Knee Joint And Results In Distinct Outcomes Of Cartilage Degeneration In Male And Female MiR-transgenic Mice Yajun Liu; Jing Ding; Qian Chen

Crisco Lab:

Presentation 309: Decreased CMC Arthrokinematics And Articular Surface Overlap With Thumb Osteoarthritis Progression Trey Crisco; Amy Morton; Douglas Moore; Arnold-Peter Weiss; Amy Ladd

Poster 767: First Metacarpal Dorsal Position During Flexion And Loaded Pinch Predict Progressive Thumb CMC Osteoarthritis Amy M. Morton; Janine D. Molino; Douglas C. Moore; Arnold-Peter C. Weiss; Amy L. Ladd; Joseph J. Crisco

Poster 771: 3D Printed PEKK For Small Bone Arthroplasty - Initial Feasibility Studies Trey Crisco; Douglas Moore; Rohit Badida; Tony Decarmine; James Porteus; Severine Valdant

Poster 1620: Effects Of Strain Gage Configuration And Data Processing Algorithm On Calibration Accuracy In A Prototype Instrumented Trapezium Josephine M. Kalshoven; Amy M. Morton; Rohit Badida; Julia A. Henke; Douglas C. Moore; Joseph J. Crisco

Fleming Lab:

Presentation 161: Effect Of Patient Sex And Initial Graft Tension On Knee Osteoarthritis Outcomes At 12 Years After ACL Reconstruction Meggin Q. Costa; Gary J. Badger; Cynthia A. Chrostek; Orianna D. Carvalho; Paul D. Fadale; Michael J. Hulstyn; Holly C. Gil; Robert M. Shalvoy; Braden C. Fleming

Poster 584: The Effects Of Male And Female Sex On The Development Of Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis In A Porcine Knee Following ACL Surgery Megan Pinette; Braden Fleming; Janine Molino; Benedikt Proffen; Martha Murray

Poster 593: A Novel Mechanically Stable PTOA Model Of Inflammation: Swine Pilot Study Of Drilling Adjacent ACL Attachment Kenny Chang; Changqi Sun; Braden Fleming; Brett D. Owens; Andrew Gage; Jillian Beveridge; Scott Mcallister; Meggin Costa; Megan Pinette; Lei Wei

Poster 596: Cartilage Damage Is Associated With Synovium Inflammation: A Novel Porcine Model Of Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis Changqi Sun; Kenny Chang; Braden C. Fleming; Brett D. Owens; Andrew Gage; Jillian E. Beveridge; Scott Mcallister; Meggin Costa; Megan Pinette; Ying Xiao; Lei Wei

Poster 644: Treatment With An Extracellular Matrix-blood Composite Impacts Animal Gait Without Damaging Joint Structure In A Dunkin Hartley Guinea Pig Model Lauren R. Parola; Martha M. Murray; Benedikt L. Proffen; Nicholas J. Sant; Padmini Karamchedu; Meggin Q. Costa; Janine Molino; Megan P. Pinette; Braden C. Fleming

Poster 896: Differences In Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition Parameters For The Anterior Cruciate Ligament Require Harmonization Sean W. Flannery; Edward G. Walsh; Ryan Sanborn; Cynthia Chrostek; Meggin Q. Costa; Shankar Kaushal; Martha M. Murray; Braden C. Fleming; Ata M. Kiapour

Poster 1850: Cross-sectional Profile Of Surgically Treated Anterior Cruciate Ligament Is Heterogenous Across Its Length And Influenced By Notch Width Danilo Menghini; Shankar Kaushal; Sean W. Flannery; Martha M. Murray; Braden C. Fleming; Ata M. Kiapour

Poster 1865: Three-dimensional MRI Analysis Shows Sex-specific Patterns In Changes In Anterior Cruciate Ligament Cross-sectional Area Across Its Length Danilo Menghini; Shankar Kaushal; Sean W. Flannery; Martha M. Murray; Braden C. Fleming; Ata M. Kiapour